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Bowen Therapy - £35           U18/retired rate £30

Bowen is a remedial therapy which works by the gentle stimulation of soft connective tissue and nerves, no muscle pushing or manipulation takes place and you do not have to disrobe. The specific rolling Bowen moves, combined with breaks during which the therapist leaves the room, create a response in the body and the Autonomic Nervous System.

If you are of the opinion that you need to have a painful and firm tissue massage to get results then you might want to think again - the connective tissue is there to protect the body and delicate organs ; If you offend it by pushing too hard it closes down to protect you...

Bowen adopts a different approach - it asks your brain to put your body straight!

The remarkable thing about Bowen Technique is that is gets the body to look at old injuries it has 'given up on' and often heal them.

Bowen is one of the most powerful remedial therapies available at the moment and its effects are often far reaching and permanent; Bowen can help: most skeleto- muscular pain, whiplash, migraines, stress, sciatica, digestive issues, sports injuries, infant colic, and many more.

Here are some testimonials from people who have had Bowen Technique at Reflotherapies 

On 3 occasions in recent months, I have been rescued by Bowen Technique from really severe bouts of asthma, which is a chronic problem I have suffered since babyhood. On each occasion I was in a really bad state of breathlessness and anxiety and each time Sam came and worked this gentle "magic" on me. Within an hour I was feeling relaxed and breathing normally again and this was followed by a quiet evening and really good nights sleep. I have no idea how it works, but to me it was a minor miracle and I can't praise the Bowen Technique enough!

"Hi Samantha just thought i would let you know about yesterdays' Bowen treatment; I was very tired in the evening and slept well. Today I have done a walk and I was much more fluid in my movements. There is more mobility in and around the pelvic area, so many thanks to you!"    

I have received a number of treatments through Reflotherapies, most notably Reflexology and Bowen. Both have been extremely therapeutic and I put this down to the very detailed medical history that is taken during the initial consultation and the expertise of Samantha Fisher in applying her extensive knowledge to specific problems. I have benefited in two areas in particular, Arthritis pain has been reduced considerably after Bowen Treatments and a longstanding problem with sinuses is responding well to continuing therapy. I highly recommend Reflotherapies to anyone who is struggling to get results with conventional medicine.

I have suffered for years with neck pain and headaches and went to see Sam for Bowen therapy after trying most other options. I have had 4 sessions and have found it to be very beneficial, my neck and shoulders are much more relaxed and my headaches have been less frequent or severe. Sam is very professional and her therapies great value for money.

For more information go to Bowentechnique's website, or contact us for advice.


Reflexology - £30                               u18/retired rate £25  

This ancient holistic therapy works on the principle that every part of the body has a corresponding reflex point on the hands or feet and by working through these points we can help the body return to a state of balance and harmony.

Reflexologists use compression massage on the feet to detect any blockages or imbalances, and to clear the energy pathways which run through the body to the feet. This is a deeply relaxing and healing treatment and has been known to help with the following:




Digestive problems & I.B.S




Frozen shoulder


Joint problems

Fertility problems



Immune system problems

Reflexology is a very safe and effective treatment for children too. Half hour sessions are available for kiddies - please contact us for more information.

Here are some testimonials from reflexology customers :

"I have been having treatments at Reflotherapies since it opened in 2000. I have tried all the treatments and can recommend them all. Many of my family and friends also attend regularly. Samantha is an excellent therapist, very professional, friendly and helpful. My monthly visits are my treat to myself and I also believe they greatly benefit my health and well being, especially the reflexology, as I work full time and have a busy life and generally stay well."

"I visit reflotherapies every month for either reflexology or Bowen Technique and can highly recommend it, I come away feeling completely and utterly relaxed."

"I visited Reflotherapies to receive fertility reflexology to help improve with my chances of conceiving my second child. Sam's experience in this area was nothing short of exceptional and I'm happy to say that the desired result was achieved successfully in a short timeframe. I can thoroughly recommend this business on all counts. A pleasant environment with professional and knowledgeable treatment."

Mrs X,Hythe


Buteyko Breathing Method  £30

You can’t breathe wrong, can you? Unfortunately, yes you can.

Although breathing is essentially an autonomic function, it is not too difficult to develop a dysfunctional breathing habit without realising it.

Many people have a whole raft of aliments and mysterious symptoms which don’t on the face of it, have anything to do with poor breathing habits, such as:

Persistent yawning or sighing, sniffing, feeling spaced out, coughing, quick to tire when doing sports, blocked nose, dry mouth, dizziness, high blood pressure, anxiety, tummy upsets, sweaty palms, dry lips, snoring, heart palpitations, pins and needles, cold hands, and many more!

By using the principles of Buteyko Breathing we can address these sometimes debilitating issues and get you on the road to good health.

For more information and to be sent our free symptom checker please contact us.

Get Fresh! Foot Facial - £30

Get Fresh is a luxury softening foot treatment which uses only the finest natural ingredients, such as shea butter, seaweed, aloe vera, avocado oil, cucumber and witchhazel to moisturize, refresh, exfoliate and deodorize even the weariest of soles! You will need to bring some socks with you for your Get Fresh! treatment.

 - Reflotherapies has a regular Summer Get Fresh offer - to find out details please contact us.

Get Fresh! is a great treatment for friends or family - why not get a Get Fresh! gift voucher?


Daoyin Tao - £30    U18/retired rate £25

Daoyin Tao (pronounced dow yin tow) is a harmonious blend of Western massage techniques and Chinese acupressure skills,brought together in a highly relaxing ,yet powerful face ,neck and shoulder massage.

Daoyin Tao draws on over 4000 years of Chinese medicine by using the principles of the five elements and yin and yang,or balance, to help clear energetic pathways, move excessive or stagnant energy, and also to encourage deficient energy in order to avoid dis-ease. According to Chinese medicine there are acu points which run through the entire body – many of these meridians can be accessed by using Daoyin Tao massage to the head,face,neck and shoulders . The additional use of smooth and soothing western massage techniques makes the whole treatment a truly relaxing and healing experience.

Daoyin Tao is:





A Daoyin Tao treatment normally lasts about 30 minutes; the practitioner will first conduct a short consultation with the client to establish how and which pressure points need addressing to obtain the best results .Daoyin Tao uses only a carrier or base oil as a medium – although you may use essential oils for your own enjoyment if you wish .

Daoyin Tao has proven to be helpful for the following conditions;

Neck and shoulder tension

Bells Palsy

Frozen/stiff shoulders

Arthritis in neck and shoulders

Torticolis (wry neck)


Glue ear

Nasal and sinus congestion.


Jaw tension

Daoyin Tao is normally taken as a course of four, weekly treatments after which time the patient can have a maintenance treatment once every two to three months.

Daoyin Tao is also very effective when combined with thermo auricular therapy (or ear candling as it is better known).