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Reflosocks for Knee Hip & Shoulder Pain -  Final sale!

Reflosocks for Knee Hip & Shoulder Pain - Final sale!

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Creaking knees? Sore joints?Try Reflosocks for knee,hip and shoulder pain, the new self help reflexology sock from Reflotherapies. Designed in the U.K. and made from machine washable cotton, Reflosocks stimulate reflexology zones as you walk or stand and make an excellent gift idea! Reflosocks have been designed by a practising reflexologist and can help with pains caused by: • Osteoarthritis • Cartilage problems • Joint problems • Stress • Posture • Computer related repetitive strain injuries • Old injuries / operations Reflosocks have been tested by people of all ages whose movement and mobility have been restricted by knee, hip and shoulder problems and many have reported great improvements. In fact: • 71 % found Reflosocks helpful in improving their condition • 71 % found Reflosocks helped alleviate their symptoms • 74 % would recommend Reflosocks to their friends The following are quotes from people who wear Reflosocks for knee, hip and shoulder pain : • "By using Reflosocks regularly I have managed to virtually eradicate my knee pains altogether. I still have some achy days with my shoulder, but much less so now, than before using Reflosocks. I'd recommend these to anyone as they have really helped me." • "I cannot give enough praise for the socks, they really have given me heaps of relief and the increased distance I can now walk is quite amazing. Wear Reflosocks and smile!"