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Reflosocks for Back and neck pain -  Final sale !

Reflosocks for Back and neck pain - Final sale !

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Back ache? Stiff neck? Try Reflosocks for some natural pain relief!

Developed by a qualified and experienced reflexologist, Reflosocks work by stimulating established reflexology zones under the feet as you walk or stand in them.

They are easy to use, drug-free, fit in your normal shoes and are machine washable. Simply wear as you would any pair of socks and when standing your own body weight triggers your body's natural healing mechanisms. • Reflosocks are unique, as they are the only product of their kind to target specifically back and neck pain.

• Reflosocks can be worn inside your normal footwear –you can wear them to work, gardening , walking the dog, or just around the house like a slipper sock.

• In trials 7 out of 10 wearers have reported having to take fewer painkillers when worn two or three times a week for three to four hours

. • In trials 8 out 10 testers said they would recommend Reflosocks to others.

• Users of Reflosocks have reported relief from aches and pains, better mobility, improved sleep, more energy and improved circulation.

• Reflosocks are machine washable at 40 degrees and are a mixture of 74% cotton and 26% stretch material.

Reflosocks and fibromyalgia: Following a recent product trial of 48 people, Reflosocks for back and neck pain were found to help relieve fibromyalgia pains in 56% of cases. 54% of the study group were also able to reduce the level of painkillers they were taking.

'Not only to they take the pain away or lessen it, which is a benefit in itself, but if I am feeling tense (which makes the pain worse anyway)-they help me to relax and feel very mellow.'           ' They do seem to help and are most comfortable; I don't want to take them off.'

' They relieved the pain and were comfortable'            'There is some pain relief in my neck and shoulders – I can knit more, which I enjoy'                                   'Thank you so much for the socks. They have definitely made a difference'