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Mens Ahimsa bamboo T-shirt - green £23

Mens Ahimsa bamboo T-shirt - green £23

£ 23.00


We hope you like our range of bamboo t-shirts and hoodies. Why bamboo? Well it is highly breathable, absorbent and feels fantastic next to the skin. It is also fast growing and so yields a lot more per acre than cotton - bamboo requires hardly any water to grow so is much better for the environment. As a garment it is highly absorbent and feels soft - try bamboo and you'll be hooked!

Our t-shirts are available in 3 adult sizes and a variety of colours. All t-shirts come with a beautiful cotton drawstring bag describing the yamas.

What is satya? Satya is one of the 5 yamas,the self restraints.

The yamas are one of the eight limbs of yoga,which help us on our journey to freedom and enlightenment.

The 8 limbs of yoga are:

Yama – Self-restraints

Niyama – Spiritual observances

Asana – Posture

Pranayama – Breath control

Pratyahara – Withdrawal of the senses

Dharana – Concentration

Dhyana – Meditation

Samadhi – Absorption

There are 5 yamas:

Ahimsa: Non-violence.
This is having respect and compassion for all beings and refraining from using violence through our thoughts, words and actions. In relation to our own yoga practice this can be thought of as not causing harm to ourselves by forcing our bodies during asana or pranayama.

Satya: Truthfulness.
This is being truthful and honest in all that we say and do. Within our own yoga practice we should listen to our body and be honest about our limitations.

Asteya: Non-stealing.
This is respecting what belongs to others, including ideas as well as material possessions, and not stealing them for ourselves. This is often extended to not desiring or coveting what belongs to another person.

Brahmacharya: Continence and control.
This does not necessarily mean celibacy or abstinence, but rather using our life force wisely and channelling it towards our yogic path. This yama is also often seen as moderation.

Aparigraha: Non-greed.
This is not only living without greed, but also not seeking to accumulate unnecessary possessions or gifts.