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Reflosocks are the easy to wear reflexology sock which work by stimulating established reflexology zones under the foot as you walk or stand in them - reflexology in a sock!

Back and Neck Reflosocks

Back and Neck Reflosocks

Back ache? Stiff neck? Try Reflosocks for some natural pain relief! three adult sizes available.

Knee, Hip and Shoulder Reflosocks

Knee, Hip and Shoulder Reflosocks

Creaking knees? Sore joints? Try Reflosocks for knee hip and shoulder pain, the new self help reflexology sock from Reflotherapies.

How do Reflosocks work?

Reflosocks work by stimulating reflexology zones under the feet as you walk or stand in them; Your body weight on the unique patented underside of the sock triggers a massaging effect in a similar way to the compression massage used by a reflexologist to help your body to try to heal itself. You DO need to be on your feet for the pressure points to be stimulated!

What are Reflosocks made of?

Reflosocks are 74% cotton and 26% stretch fabrics (Elastan, Nylon) and are machine washable at 40 degrees.

Can Reflosocks damage you by wearing them for too long?

No. Reflexology will trigger your body to try to heal, so you might find a little tenderness on certain points which could indicate an imbalance, but as the healing process takes place this should pass. As with many holistic therapies, reflexology is very detoxifying and if you are not used to it you may temporarily experience the need to urinate more than usual as your body detoxifies. Help this process by drinking plenty of water.

Do Reflosocks have any side effects?

Reflexology stimulates the body to return to a state of homeostasis or balance and although you will not be experiencing a full reflexology treatment by wearing your Reflosocks, if you are in a state of imbalance you may temporarily have to urinate more frequently as your body attempts to balance itself. Ensuring you drink plenty of water to help flush out any unwanted toxins will help the process greatly. If you have any concerns please contact Reflotherapies or your G.P.

What happens if my Reflosocks move?

You can expect a small amount of movement in your Reflosocks, but the patented double line of ridges on the underside of your socks will ensure that the correct pressure points are stimulated even if your socks move around slightly.

I don't want to order them online - what can I do?

Please download our order form and post it to us. Alternatively telephone us on 02380 675814 and we can process your order over the telephone. We accept most credit and debit cards.

I have lost my instructions - what can I do?

You can download our instructions here:

Back and neck Reflosocks

Knee, hip and shoulder Reflosocks