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Physical therapy in the peri- menopause and menopause

Fri 2nd Jul 21

The menopausal years are without doubt, a time of huge emotional, chemical and physical upheaval.  

It is encouraging to see the subject at last being talked about in the media and between women openly.  

During this time of enormous change, regular holistic or physical therapy can be extremely helpful; Touch (never to be underestimated!) is soothing, whether it is a facial, back massage or reflexology that you enjoy.

The act of giving yourself an hour to switch off and relax is vital to the over stressed nervous and immune system.

As women we have a default to put everyone else first and then look after our own wellbeing last – this is wrong !!

If we are not well then how can we look after others ? 

We need to start to redress the give/take imbalance in our lives and let the battery re charge.  

The chemical havoc of the menopause means that your body is in a place of stress for 90% of the time – it is critical to try to give your overworked system some down time an respite as often as you can.

Of course physical therapy is just one cornerstone of good health; The others being :  

~ * ~  correct diet and nutrition 

~ * ~ rest 

~ * ~ emotional wellbeing 

If any one of these pillars of health become shaky then it will affect the others. 

It is important of course to see your G.P. at this time, but unfortunately as was my experience, you might be limited to two options – 

Anti depressants 



 Please investigate your options as there are many highly trained independent professionals who can guide you through the storm – some of whom work specifically with menopausal and peri menopausal women.

Follow your intuition and do your homework – what has worked for a friend or your mother might not be right for you.

You could try acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, massage, yoga, tai chi, qigong, pilates, meditation or any combination of !   

Remember your 4 pillars of health and investigate each. 

I have been practising reflexology for 20 years now and I find it to be a very soothing and balancing therapy for any time of life, but particularly at times of intense physical and emotional stress.

I charge £30 for reflexology or £25 if you are under 18 or retired from work.

Please contact me on 02380 675814 or email sam@reflotherapies.co.uk