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Sniffing, sighing, and yawning

Tue 21st Jan 20

Do you work alongside someone who is constantly sniffing or sighing ? Do you find yourself yawning incessantly when you start doing exercise ? Bizarre isn’t it?  

All of the above are signs that your breathing rate is out of whack with your bodys’ requirements – i.e. your body is trying to get you to take more air in when you sigh, sniff or yawn.

Lets’ start with some basics on breathing –

 No 1 . your breathing rate is determined by your carbon dioxide levels, not your oxygen levels.

No2 . carbon dioxide is NOT a poisonous waste product – it is vital for your body!  A good level of CO2 in the body is 5- 6% ; However many people are managing on extremely low levels of CO2 – say 2-3 %. When this happens you are actually suffocating your mind and body, causing a cascade of symptoms too many to mention here.

No3. Your brain sets your breathing rate according to your metabolic output i.e. what you do, how much you move etc. and this is set in your respiratory centres in the brain.


So lets’ go back to the sighing, sniffing and yawning.

Many people can be spotted sniffing, sighing or yawning when they change their pace, for example concentrating on something on the P.C. or starting to exercise. This is because they are changing their breathing rate and the body wants to return it to the predetermined rate which is set in your brain, in the respiratory centres.

Its’ like the thermostat in the house which clicks the heating on and off.

I myself used to immediately start yawning the minute I started doing any exercise, which always used to perplex me as I wasn’t bored, so why did it happen?

 It was because I was always running low on CO2  levels , being the daughter of an asthmatic – yes, asthmatics paradoxically are breathing too much and exhausting their CO2 levels, even though they feel that they want to breathe more. So I learned to breathe too much and too fast from my mother from an early age.

So I was low on CO2 right from the outset, so as soon as I started trying to do exercise my body said ‘ not enough air in here – breathe more’ – and so the yawning would start!  


If you are , or you know, an incessant sniffer, sigher, or yawner and want to change things, why not email me for more information and a free symptom checker on bad breathing habits and what havoc they can cause your body and mind!

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