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The Sacrum - Master of ceremonies!

Thu 25th Jul 19

Lets’ talk about the sacrum, that bony bit at the bottom of your spine, the one I am always poking about with when you come for a Bowen treatment!

Why pay so much attention to it?

Well, the sacrum, as described in the title, is really a key player when it comes to communication and balance within the body. It has so many muscular attachments to the lower limbs and torso that it can’t really be ignored – it connects with and to the hamstrings, piriformis, sacro- tuberous ligaments, glutes, coccyx, and in fascial terms it directly connects up to the head and neck.

Yes you read that right – the head and neck!

The sacrum communicates, absorbs and mediates tensions all through the body and creates a central balance point.

A sacrum which is in dysfunction will definitely create problems anywhere from the knees, hamstrings, lower back and nearly always the head, neck and shoulders.

The sacrum itself doesn’t really have much movement or give in it – it only moves 2 or 3 degrees in any direction, but it is held in place by a fairly hefty and impressive arrangement of connective tissue.

And as we know, connective tissue is what we talk to when doing Bowen ….  


Ancient cultures refer to the sacrum as the Os Sacrum, or holy bone as it was believed that the sole was housed in the sacrum. In Sanskrit it is the seat of Kundalini or holy energy and the start of Chi – so it has long been understood as significant. 

 It is mentioned in the Holy Bible as being important in terms of resurrection, possibly because it is thought to be one of the last parts of us to disintegrate when we die as it is quite hard. 

This, and the incorrect belief that the sacrum stored seminal fluid, might explain why it was so revered by ancient cultures.  

So when you come in for some Bowen next and wonder why on earth I am examining your lower spine when you have come in with a stiff neck, please bear with !   


best wishes from Sam x