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Bowen technique after breast surgery

Fri 7th Jun 19

Why have Bowen after surgery for breast cancer ?  That is a very good question, and anecdotally Bowen seems to be therapeutic and

helpful in encouraging and releasing lymphatic flow, 

something which is drastically and often irrevocably affected after breast surgery.

A study was conducted in Arizona in 2012, as a dissertation, on the efficacy and usefulness of Bowen technique for women who experience pain and lymphodema after surgery for breast cancer.

The study was only on a small group of 20 women .

The study concluded that the women experienced a significant improvement in range of movement in their affected arm, and also a reduction in swelling of the affected arm.

The study suggested that Bowen was more effective as a treatment if started soon after the lymphedema appeared.

The women also noticed an improvement in their state of mind and demeanor, as the treatment is very gentle and relaxing and non invasive.

If you have experienced Bowen technique you will, I’m sure, not be surprised – as you know that Bowen has far reaching effects on the connective tissues which surround and pass through all of our muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs .

If you have not experienced Bowen then perhaps it is time to consider it as part of your whole body and mind maintenance routine.


These studies on Bowen or indeed any complementary therapy are few and far between, so it I very hard to judge the outcomes, but I would suggest that the key to a good outcome is a consistent approach to treatment.

After all, you wouldn’t take one tablet from the doctor and expect your symptoms to miraculously vanish, would you? !  

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