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Reflexology and its' benefits for mental health

Wed 15th May 19

The following is taken from the mental health website, Safe Harbour, who help people to find drug free help with mental health issues- and they have this to say about reflexology :  

"The physical, mental and emotional benefits of reflexology make it particularly helpful for all stress-related conditions, even when there is no clinical evidence of disease.

Reflexology can benefit, and be enjoyed by, everyone.

For clients suffering from stress-related illnesses, anxiety attacks, confidence issues or where they may be mentally or emotionally challenged, reflexology can prove to be a life-altering therapy.

As reflexology works so well with other forms of treatment, many doctors are finding that referring patients to reflexologists actually saves patients money.

People prescribed drugs or other medical treatment report that reflexology reduces or eliminates side effects, and so enhances the benefits of orthodox medicine.

Studies have suggested that patients undergoing a course of reflexology prior to a surgical operation are less likely to suffer from secondary infections as a result of the surgery.”


I have many reflexology clients who find immense emotional benefit from their treatment, whether it is giving the body a chance to relax, or to have an hour ‘ me time’ , it doesn’t really matter if the outcome is a soothed and emotionally steady customer!

Reflexology is safe for nearly everyone - to book an introductory session at half price please ring 02380 675814 or email sam@reflotherapies.co.uk