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Food for thought - notes on fasting

Thu 7th Mar 19

I posted an article on Facebook recently about the benefits of fasting for 72 hours to regenerate white blood cells and thus boost the immune system.    


This method had apparently been helpful for people going through chemotherapy, as if they fast prior to the chemo, they recover better from the therapy. 

Tumours have been found to reduce and new brain cell activity is noted during fasting – all exciting for cancer, Parkinsons’ and dementia research. It is also well documented that if the body is not engaged in sorting our digestion out, it can focus on sweeping the system and begin the process of cell renewal.

I myself am a fan of short term, or intermittent fasting, but I doubt I would be able to commit to a 72 hour fast!

However, the 8:16 eating window seems to work well for me and I admit that I feel very good after doing it. Basically you eat only within the 8 hour window and fast for the other 16 hours – not too difficult if you are asleep for a proportion of this time anyway.

There are many articles on the internet about fasting, but most studies show that 16 hour fasting or more is beneficial to men, but can upset women hormonally – so ladies might be suited to a 14 hour fast.


This brings me to the question of sickness – I have recently had a bout of sickness and I started to think about why the body stops us from eating when we are sick….

Is it our bodys’ way of saying, OK stop now, I need to re boot and get rid of some detritus?

 Although the process of being ‘sick’ and the fasting period that accompanies it is very unpleasant, I remember feeling very ‘light’ and refreshed when my system went back to normal and my appetite returned.

In these times of excess and 24 hour availability of food, maybe we should give some consideration to the idea that although eating is very pleasurable and of course necessary, it does tax our systems and so perhaps we should be more mindful of fasting periods and the benefits to be had from resting our body machine. 

Just some food (or not)for thought………

Keep well,