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Reflexology for insomnia

Tue 13th Nov 18

​Studies were done in Iran in 2011-2013 to investigate the benefits of reflexology on  the elderley  (68 people) menopausal women (110 women)     

The studies focused on four sleep issues - 

trouble getting to sleep

waking during the night

waking up early

feeling sleepy during the day 


The elderly group had an 18% reduction in their sleep problems, specifically - the duration and quality  of sleep improved, and the delay in falling asleep was lessened.   


A massive 41.5% of the menopausal women also had a marked improvement in sleep and a reduction in hot flushes!  


During the trials, the volunteers had reflexology daily for 21 days for 10 -15 minutes . They also had warm foot baths before bed, as sleep function and the circadian rhythms are influenced by core body temperature. 


I don't think anyone has time (or money)!  to come and have reflexology  every day, but these studies highlight to me the value of regular reflexology -

If you are having trouble getting a good nights' sleep, try having a soothing foot bath before bed, and give your own feet a little massage - it doesn't matter what you do, the important thing is the touch and the ritual of the massage!

You can also come and have a reflexology treatment from a qualified therapist......treatments are still only £28 

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Best wishes and sleep well